Asian Tire Safety


The TOP Tire manufacturers in the country produce tires in more than 50 countries. Each of these companies has production in China. With more than 340 tire plants involved worldwide.

Every tire sold for use on public highways in the US are required to be certified by the manufacturer to be capable of meeting the quality and safety requirements as published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which is a part of the US Department of Transportation. These requirements are very detailed and cover many test and conditions all tires must meet at a minimum. The penalty for selling a tire that does not meet these requirements is very significant.

As long as tires are purchased through verified retailers, or installers their safety, and quality is predominantly accounted for and their manufacturers are most likely very verified.

Continue to insure the following safety procedures such as below are adhered to:

Do not store tires for more than a few months. Storage areas should be dark and cool, free of dirt and oils and should be as far as possible from running electric engines.

Never overload your tires or drive them when they are over-inflated or under-inflated. Also insure the right speed and load ratings are in place for the vehicle.

Insure the right size tires are used.

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